Sunny the Elephant Amigurumi


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Sunny the Elephant Amigurumi. You know that here we try to vary craft techniques and items so that you always find what you are looking for. With that in mind, we want to show you Sunny, the elephant amigurumi. Another pattern made entirely in crochet. This amigurumi is another friendly and perfect model to decorate the environment.

It’s the most beautiful thing in the little ones’ room, matching the theme and the colors present there. If you crochet, you already know that amigurumis are here to stay and are patterns that, with care, we can make.

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They are very fun items and bring a little more joy to the environment. Choosing the right materials and having the perfect pattern, you can’t go wrong.

The Elephant Amigurumi // Love Crafts

As it is an item made in parts, you can do it whenever you have time. Keep completing each one of them and leaving them separate to join them at the end. Enjoy playing with the colors. Make colorful elephants in different shades of gray. You can use different eye and nose sizes. For this, you might have to adjust the placements if you change the sizes.

You can use different hook sizes and weights of yarn. It will just change the size of your elephant and you might need to adjust eye placement. The type of stuffing you use, how you stuff, all this matters on how your elephant turns out, all this matters.

So, read the pattern carefully and then start crocheting. Sunny requires patience and decisions when assembling the elephant and basic crochet skills. See you soon on another pattern, but for now, let’s crochet!

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