Cat and Mouse Blanket and Pillow – Free Pattern


Hi everyone! What a joy to meet you here once more. We are always very grateful to know that you remember us when you are looking for a new pattern. And so we get inspired and get more and more excited to learn more. When new people join us to learn a new technique, more ideas come and we are always grateful. The Cat and Mouse Blanket and Pillow is a beautiful set to make the environment very tidy. 

With vibrant colors, you can add colors to the environment in a simple and easy way to remove when you want to change the decor. Blankets are often the first pieces we make when we start crocheting. Here it couldn’t be different, it’s a simple pattern to make. You will make all the details, cats and mouses, separately and add later to the pieces. 

So you can do it the way you like, place the cats in all the blocks as in the pattern, take turns, one block with a cat and another without. If you have a lot of yarn leftovers from other projects, you can take the opportunity to make the cats in different colors. There are many ideas that you can develop and we are sure they will look beautiful. The pillow is that piece that helps to change the decor in a simpler and faster way. 

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Love Crafts

Take care of the yarn you are going to choose, a moment that needs our attention. Yarn is the most important material. The yarn thickness determines whether the blanket will be warmer, along with the crochet hook, which will keep the stitches tighter or not. Here we have a combination between the pieces. It’s a set, perfect for those who want to sell and guarantee an extra gain. 

Sets are very successful because we can give a discount for being several pieces. The demand is greater because you already have everything you need together. In addition to being beautiful, for a cozy blanket, yarn must be very comfortable. Choose carefully. Come check out the cat and mouse blanket and pillow pattern in Love Crafts and tell us what you think here in the comments. We are very happy to come and share new ideas with you. We hope you like it too and enjoy all the tips.