Random Granny Crochet Afghan Pattern


Hi everyone, great to be able to welcome you here at I Want Crochet. Here you will find accessories, clothes, decorative items and much more made with different techniques. Handicrafts are our priority, that’s why you will find several models. I hope that some of them will please you and inspire you to start a new project.

Random Granny Crochet Afghan. It is not new that we find beautiful models of blankets to brighten up our home. And anyone who thinks they should only be used on the coldest days is wrong. They complement the decoration with colors, make everything more cozy and inviting.

The crochet blanket is indispensable for those who want a more comfortable, warm and welcoming decoration. This piece has always had an exclusive space, such as on top of the bed, on the sofa, on the balcony or even to warm up the little ones.

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With a needle, scissors and a lot of wool, it is possible to make beautiful pieces of blankets to surprise someone in particular or make home decor even more beautiful.

Random Granny Crochet Afghan // Yarnspirations

Crochet is an ancient technique made with an appropriate needle and fine lines or thicker and more rustic strings. Ever since crochet appeared, it has never gone out of style. A soft craft that brings warmth to the environment with simplicity.

Using the blanket on sofas is a classic use that makes all the difference. The crochet blanket can be made in different ways, colors and sizes. Perfect for bringing a light and cheerful touch to your sofa.

   See also the free pattern “African Flower with 8 petals”

The crochet blanket can have different sizes, but ideally it should occupy the entire surface of the sofa in height and length. It is placed on the arm of the sofa or forming a diamond in the center. Creating a contrast with the hollow designs of the crochet sofa blanket with the sofa fabric pieces. So, let’s start crocheting?