Mary Weave Baby Blanket


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Mary Weave Baby Blanket. Today we are going to start a very traditional piece, a project that most of you must have already done. When we talk about crochet, many of us have fond memories of this technique. Many learned to crochet while they were pregnant, making clothes and blankets for the little ones. Much of what we know about crochet was spread like this, generations teaching generations.

With the blankets it was no different. They are essential items in the baby’s layette and the crochet ones are very popular, mainly because they are very comfortable and cozy.

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They are warm pieces, they comfort our little ones. In addition, you can use them in the crib, in the stroller, as well as a decorative item in their room.

Mary Weave Baby Blanket // Love Crafts

This blanket is made with waves and you can make them colored or not. I must say that when we mix the colors, we have more prominence between rounds, the waves are more visible. But you don’t need to mix different colors, you can play with the tones and make a beautiful gradient. The tips also have this design, it’s a charm apart.

Take care when choosing the yarns. The antiallergic ones are the most recommended for these cases. They are soft and less likely to give them any allergies.

   See also the free pattern “Chevron Baby Blanket”

Blankets come in all sizes and when we talk about crochet, it’s easy to change it. You can increase the amount of stitches or rounds. Did you like it? Tell me what you think and if you’re already looking forward to starting this project.