Zig Zag Crochet Blanket


Hi dear colleagues, a great Saturday for all of us. Today is the day to catch up on projects, start a new pattern and stop by I Want Crochet to check out what’s new. Yes, we have many patterns to share with you. Our team is always on the lookout for beautiful models for you to make. But before we start, tell me how you guys are doing. I hope to find you all very well.

Zig Zag Crochet Blanket. Crochet is a handicraft that conveys a lot of affection and warmth. Be it for those who make it, who receive it or who use it. That’s what we feel when we snuggle in a crochet blanket. Much of this is the result of a good choice of yarn. Yes, the yarns need to be of good quality, soft and pleasant to the touch.

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The crochet blanket is more fashionable than ever. And much of this popularization is due to the style that, among other things, preaches a warm, cozy and inviting decoration. crochet blankets have always had a reserved space, whether on top of the bed, on the sofa or in the baby’s bag.

Zig Zag Crochet Blanket // Love Crafts

We found some crocheted blankets in stores, many of them costing a lot. If you crochet, see it as an option to guarantee an extra income, it is an excellent opportunity. Whether it’s to decorate your bed, the living room or for the babies, the zig zag looks really nice. It makes a difference in the environment and you can always choose colors that will complement your decor.

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Finally ready to put your hand on the needles? To make the zig zag crochet blanket you will need yarn, scissors, a measuring tape and crochet hooks. It’s always good to remember that the thickness of the thread determines the size of the crochet hook. In general, it works something like this: thick thread with a thick needle and thin thread with a thin needle. So, let’s crochet? Come learn more about this model with us.