Amigurumi Teddy Bear


Good afternoon dear colleagues, how nice to meet you here. I hope that here at I Want Crochet you will feel at home. Feel free to tell us your opinion, send us suggestions. We’re here to share the most complete patterns of what we have most beautiful in this universe of handicrafts. But tell me how your week has been, producing a lot? I hope you are all well.

Amigurumi Teddy Bear. You know that cute amigurumi that looks great in the decoration of the little ones’ room? This is today’s model. A very nice bear, all made in crochet.

It’s not the easiest pattern to crochet, but it’s far from difficult. Reading the pattern and understanding the step by step, I’m sure you’ll be able to do it too.

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Do you already know the amigurumis? In recent times these models have become very popular and have gained space in decoration and are not going away anytime soon. Of Japanese origin, the word amigurum means “crochet stuffed animals”. This is a craft technique that is capable of creating various little animals, as well as stars, flowers, dolls and many other things using few materials.


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You can change the positions of the bear too, make it sitting or standing. All this with the same pattern. As we make each part separate, you only need to make the changes when you put them together. You can make the teddy bears in different colors too, matching the decoration of the little ones’ room.

   See also this free pattern “Sunny the Elephant Amigurumi”

Teddy bears are often used to gift for babies and kids on any occasion. It can be a birthday present, baptism, or just a souvenir. So make a handmade gift for anyone you love. Shall we crochet? Enjoy this recipe. The pattern always has very useful tips that can help you in other models as well. We’ll be back soon with a new model for you.