Amigurumi Grinch


Hi everyone, welcome to I Want Crochet. Seeing you here is a sign that, like us, you want to learn a new pattern. And that’s exactly what we want to show you. But before anything, tell me how you are. Are you able to practice your craft? A few rounds a day is better than none, rest assured.

Amigurumi Grinch. We know that Christmas is far away and that the Grinch is not the most anticipated figure at this time, but this amigurumi is so cute that you will want to have it in your decor.Green and with a charming smile, this amigurumi is far from being scary.

On these special dates, it’s normal to want to decorate our house, make everything even more cozy for our loved ones. And with crochet we can make these decorative items.


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 Whether for us, for sale, or as a gift, these items have special characteristics and convey a lot of affection. So do everything with a lot of dedication, you won’t regret it when you see the result.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Love Crafts

To make the grinch you will need the basic crochet materials. Yarns of your choice, with the colors you prefer too. Just don’t forget to choose quality yarns. They don’t have to be the most expensive ones in the store, there are good yarns at affordable prices. The numbering of the crochet hook will depend on the chosen yarn, so follow this sequence.


See also this free “Amigurumi Teddy Bear pattern”


Amigurumi are always made in stages. If you don’t have much time to crochet during the week, you can start with one step per day. One leg, one arm, the head. Then just unite them and assemble the grinch. It will be very beautiful. The last details of the face are added at the very end. All tips are in the pattern, but if you have any doubts, tell us here in the comments. Come on, let’s crochet the grinch.