Cascading Ripples Crochet Blanket


Hi guys, nice to see you here. Ready to spend a few days with us? Another week starts and we have some incredible patterns that you are going to love. We stayed a few days away, but always remembering to keep the practice up to date. Tell me about yourself, are you still practicing daily? Only then can we get even better at what we already love to do.

Cascading Ripples Crochet Blanket. You may have already noticed how important blankets are in our daily lives. They are items that can be decorative, making the environment more welcoming, that feeling of home. And they are indispensable on the coldest days. I don’t know a person who doesn’t like to snuggle up in a soft blanket like that.

With Cascading Ripples we are going to make a zig zag blanket, the design of the piece is very beautiful. You can play with the colors and vary the shades.

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A gradient is perfect for this type of blanket. Just like any other environment, we always want to leave the little ones’ room well organized and prepared to receive them.

Cascading Ripples Crochet Blanket // Love Crafts

This model is beautiful to complete the baby’s trousseau, an essential item. We always use these blankets to snuggle the little one, whether in the lap, in the stroller, in the crib. Always remember to be careful when choosing yarn. When we talk about babies we are talking about a more sensitive skin. For them, anti-allergic yarns are the most suitable.

There are many color options and you won’t have difficulty making a beautiful combination. By following the step-by-step instructions you’ll find at Love Crafts, you’ll make a beautiful canopy approximately 36 ins [91.5 cm] square.

The entire blanket is worked holding 2 strands of yarn together. In the pattern you will find the round by round description.

   See also this free pattern “Sunny the Elephant Amigurumi”

If you have any doubts, come back here and talk to us. We meet again soon, with a new pattern. Bye Bye.