Snowdrop Crochet Pattern


Hello everyone, nice to meet you here. After a whole week, we finally made it to Friday. We’ve brought you some patterns, but there’s even more. Handicrafts allow those who practice it to exercise their creativity, which is why we always have new models, one more incredible than the other.

Snowdrop Crochet Pattern. Dresses have always been very successful around here. But today’s one is not for us, it’s a beautiful model for the dolls. I don’t know if this was part of your childhood, but mine was. My mother used to make several models for me. And not just dresses, bags and rugs either. Crochet is very important for that reason too, it has an affective character.

It’s more of a play idea for the little ones too. Trying to help you once again in this tireless quest for children’s entertainment, we’ll show you a complete step by step on how to make a simple doll dress. It’s another super cute model of clothing that will definitely be a hit in your home.

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Snowdrop Crochet Pattern // Love Crafts

You can use yarn left over from other projects too, either for details or for the entire model. Here, a thinner yarn is being used, you can see from the fit of the dress, the stitches are more open and have a certain transparency. If you want to take advantage of the model to make one of these for your baby, increase some measurements and it will be perfect.

   See also this free pattern “Chevron Baby Blanket”

I hope you liked this idea. Snowdrop is a very delicate model. I hope it can serve as an inspiration for you. Crocheting is therapy, take advantage of these minutes to connect with yourself and relax. If you don’t like the result of the round, dismantle and try again. The important is not to give up. And if you have any doubts, know that you can count on us. ask here in the comments, we are here to help each other.